Albert Highwall Land Reclamation. In June 1993, the Division of Environmental Protection began work on a 150 acre abandoned deep and surface mine complex along the North Fork known as the Albert Highwall. The project included:

-Eliminating 11,000 L.F. of highwall

-Installing five wet seals and approximately 60 modified seals

-Regrading 50 acres of coal refuse

-Realigning a portion of Middle Run

-Constructing five water treatment systems and four anoxic limestone beds

-Installing approximately 4000 L.F. of underdrain

-Revegetating 150 acres

The project was completed during October 1996 at a cost of $3,650,808.

Albert Surface Mine Complex: Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) from run off of the Albert surface mine complex drains into Long Run, a tributary of the North Fork. Six passive water treatment systems were designed to capture AMD seepage from numerous sources. Each treatment system consisted of a heavy plastic liner topped by calcium carbonate limestone and 12" of organic material. Riprap and fabriform channels were installed to prevent erosion.

Albert Highwall Enhancement 'A'. Work on the Albert Highwall Enhancement 'A' Project was completed in fall 2008. The re-engineered pond that treats acid mine drainage laced water from old underground mines has a new remediation method … alkaline steel slag. This material reduces the acidity of this polluted water as it is piped from old mine tunnels , runs through the pond and downhill into Long Run. This treatment will continue downstream to improve the North Fork of the Blackwater and the main stem of the Blackwater River in the Canyon. This pond is flushed out once a day by a solar powered system. This project, the first of many, happened because Friends of Blackwater was able to bring together the Office of Surface mining, the DEP Abandoned Mine Lands project, and DEP staffers who oversee EPA funds which are administered by the state.

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