Here at the North Fork Watershed Project, we have volunteer opportunities for persons of every age and ability. Some of our volunteer opportunities include:

Water Monitoring: Every month we monitor the water quality of the North Fork of the Blackwater River. Our monitoring is done in accordance with the WV Save Our Streams Program and volunteers are trained to meet this programs requirements. This normally occurs on a Saturday near the end of each month. In addition, we take quarterly water samples to be processed at a certified lab. This is not just a fair-weather activity, we monitor all year round and in the winter we even do it as a cross-country skiing event. Come join us.

Trail Building: We are working with the City of Thomas to create a 5 mile hike/bike trail system in the new Thomas Waterfront Park. Over the winter we will be working with the City of Thomas to develop rules, trail maps and markers. Once the winter is over we will begin working on the remaining trails and the more hands we have the faster it will go. This is a great way to get involved in your community at large.

Office Help: Office assistance is always welcome. Whether you want to help us file or answer phones or tidy up, you're always welcome. Come by and spend some time with us.

Fundraising: As we develop fundraising activities through the course of the year we can always use a few extra hands. Whether we are raising funds for our programs or for a community-based program such as the local food bank, we appreciate any help you can offer.

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